Cell Phone Booster Systems

Using a Cell Phone and living in Connecticut and New York can be very frustrating, even in our own homes or places of business.  Most of our clients's homes have spotty, or sometimes nonexistent cell phone signal coverage.  This includes people with either Verizon Wireless or AT&T Wireless. Most use their cell phones as their main means of communication, so not receiving calls, or text messages is a major problem especially in a place where you typicaly stay for hours on end. There is a great solution for this problem, a Cell Phone Booster. 

Dropped calls and slow data rates are generally caused by distance from a cell tower or natural and man-made obstructions, such as buildings, hills, trees, etc... Cellular signals for both cell phones and data cards can be boosted by the use of a high gain antenna or the combination of an antenna and bi-directional signal booster system and Wilson Electronics offers multiple solutions to stay connected.

There are two major varities of Cell Boosters...  Each type has advantages and disadvantages, we will discuss below.

cell-phone-booster-attFemtocell Booster: These cell phone boosters plug right into your homes existing high speed internet  system.  Using your internet (VOIP) the unit in essence acts as a small cell tower, transmitting your voice data. Each unit is carrier specific, so you'll have to pick which carrier(s) you require.  Installation is easy and there are no monthly bills, just a one time fee for the unit - usually about $235.  

  • For AT&T you enter the cell phone numbers into the booster, whereas the Verizon unit just automatically works with any Verizon cell phones that are in range.  Most of the units required to be near a window, so that the unit can pick up a GPS signal for 911 location purposes.
  • Provides reliable cell phone signals for your home
  • No Monthly Bills - One time cost for the equipment
  • Limited usually to a 40 to 50 ft radius, so it's good for covering certain areas of your home (kitchen, bedroom, office etc.)  You can purchase multiple units to cover more than one area.

cell-booster-home-setupCell Signal Booster:  There are two components to ensuring reliable cellular communication. The first step is receiving a strong signal. Using a high gain antennas collect weak or distant cellular signals and send them to the signal booster. The signal booster then boosts those signals and rebroadcasts them to nearby cell phones and data cards. The second part of the equation is transmitting the signal back to the cell tower which is typically the weakest part of a phone’s ability when used alone. With a bidirectional signal booster you are able to broadcast a much stronger signal back to the cell site at a greater distance. A high quality signal booster system is critical to maintaining a constant connection and increased cellular standards.

The signal boosters we install are FCC-type accepted and most importantly the boosters have built in protection to prevent harmful interference to cell sites. They also monitor the signal boosters operation for optimum performance.

  • Coverage is much greater than a femtocell device. We have installed this type of system in 2000 sq ft homes, all they way up to 120,000 sq foot office buildings.
  • The cell booster amplifies the signal from a nearby cell tower.  No internet service is needed, so that in the event of a major storm type event, you aren't relying on internet service.  Usually cell towers are the first to be repaired.
  • Battery Life improved.  You'll notice your cell battery will die very quickly if you are in an area with poor signal quality, this is becuase your device is constantly looking and hunting for a connection.
  • Ultra reliable, and backed by our 1 Year Warranty.
  • Great for someone who has a home office, and requires a rock solid cellular signal.