Whole House Wifi

whole house wifiWe design and install whole house & business wireless systems across Fairfield & Westchester counties.  If any of these problems plague your system please call us to schedule a free appointment.

  • Do you often lose your internet connection?
  • Are you constantly resetting your modem or router to get your internet back up?
  • Do certain rooms in your home or business have no or poor signals?
  • Is your Internet slow and or unreliable?
  • Have your tried to use repeaters, boosters and or powerline adapters and still having problems?

If these are some of your troubles, we fix these type problems every day. There is a solution, and you can put these annoying, time wasting problems behind you.

  1. Call or e-mail us to schedule a free onsite visit.
  2. We will visit your home or business and take a look at its layout and structure...
  3. Usually within 24 hours we will send you an estimate for our Whole House Wifi System, designed specifically for your house. After reviewing,  if you are ready, schedule an installation day & time
  4. Installation usually takes on average about one to two days, this includes setup and fine tuning.  Once completed you will receive a tour and lesson on how your new Whole House Wifi System works.  You will have one network SSID, and one password.  Now you can wander through your establishment seemlessly always having a strong reliable internet signal.
  5. We pride ourselves on backing our work for 1 year, and we try to leave your property cleaner than when we found it.

We take the headache out of Wifi Networks, we've been making people happy for over 7 years with our proven wifi systems. The Whole House Wifi system will add value to your home, not just for resale, but also for anyone currently inhabiting or visiting the home.